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Checks and money orders are the methods we most highly recommend because the greatest percentage of your donation makes it to the organization instead of to the financial companies processing it. To support the school and classes, please make your checks and money orders payable to Northern Michigan Dance Academy.  To support special features specifically presented by Dickinson Ballet Company -- e.g., The Nutcracker -- please make your checks and money orders payable to Dickinson Ballet Company.  Mail them to 221 East Hughitt Street, Iron Mountain, Michigan 49801.  <Email> us if you'd like or need a copy of Dickinson Ballet Company's nonprofit information.  (The school, Northern Michigan Dance Academy, is officially a separate entity and not a nonprofit organization. Check with your accountant, another appropriate professional, or the appropriate governmental tax agencies to find out what you may declare as a tax deduction.)


Donate via <PayPal>. It's simple, safe, and secure, and gives you more options -- if you care to use your credit cards there, for example. Convenient, too, if you like to pay online. When asked for recipient's email, use <paypal@imeplace.com> (the underwriter and manager of this website). That'll get it to us. PayPal takes a maximum of 2.9% plus 30 for each transaction. If any mailing and handling are necessary on this end, that's usually another $0.92.  Otherwise, everything donated goes into the dance company's coffers.

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Dancers Practicing at the Bar by Edgar Degas